• END OF THE NINE WEEKS: January 28th
  • No School Friday March 11th!!
  • Les Miserables; Coming Soon!

The Cadence

The Cadence

Tanya Fullerton, Writer

Grade- 9th

School Activities- Cadence

Favorite Quote- Great Scott! -Doc Brown (Back to The Future)

Favorite Movie- American Psycho

Favorite Food- Chicken Noodle Soup

Favorite TV Show- South Park

Favorite Way to Waste time- Looking up scary/random facts online, staring at the wall, untying my shoe laces, and looking for frogs in my yard.

Someone that inspires you- Lana Del Rey, and my grandma, they inspire me because they do what makes them happy, my grandmawith her healthcare job and Lana Del Rey with her songs.

What I hope people say about me- I don't mind what people say about me, it doesn't matter.

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