Cadence Comics: The Student Behind The Talent

Adrielle McKenzie, Writer

Tanya Fullerton, a Sophomore at WHS, has been creating amazing comics for Cadence since the beginning of the year. She has created several of them, all of which display a very unique art style and creativity throughout.


Tanya says that her inspiration for her comics comes from YouTuber/Animator Meat Canyon who animates disturbing and uncanny videos such as BLOO CLOO. Tanya says that, “He adds twists to his videos, and I just wanted to draw something similar, with a similar drawing style in the comics”.


Tanya also discussed with me her process for creating these comics. “An idea pops up in my head and I draw it and add a script as I go.” It takes Tanya one hour to and hour and a half to create these amazing comics.The art mediums she uses are Sharpie, colored pencils, alcohol markers, pencil, and printer paper.


Her art style took about two years for her to develop and she says that it was inspired by YouTubers not even dust like wtf and Meat Canyon. She was inspired by both of the YouTubers art styles and developed her own out of both of their’s while adding her own personal twist.


When I asked her what she struggles with, she said, “I struggle with painting faces and all that, but I’m okay at drawing with pencil on paper. I struggle with proportions also and drawing realistically.”


Tanya is very talented and has a drawing style that is very unique. She is humble despite her obvious talent and is very prolific with her comics. As her friend I can say that she is a genuinely good person and is kind to everyone. She always thinks positively and that is a very admirable trait. She is always willing to help others and her art style is one that I am envious of.


Some of her other art works are below.