Trace Tackett

Chloe Depriest, Writer


This article is being written about a very talented young man named Trace. Trace is an amazing guitarist, but he can play many more instruments as well as the guitar, 8 to be exact. He has played guitar for 4 years, then one day Trace was inspired to make music when he heard his brother playing a song called “Desolation” by Lamb of God. Not only was he inspired by his brother, He has lots of mixed feelings when playing the guitar so he began using his talent to play and make music as some sort of therapy to get him through his hard times.

Trace really enjoys making all genres of music. He has had his playlist since March 15th of 2022 and has over 50 songs. The very first song written was in 2017 called “Home or Time”. Neither of those songs was ever officially released, although they did get released on some sketchy website. How weird is that? The one song that has officially been published is called “The Wrong Side”, I Bet it’s amazing. 

Okay, now I’m gonna tell you a little bit about some of the most meaningful songs Trace wrote, one of the most meaningful songs to him would either be the song called “A Thousand Eyes”, or “Rain”. Those songs had the most impact on his life as well. They were never published because Trace is afraid of what people might think if they were. 

Something really cool to know about Trace is that he taught himself to become an amazing guitarist, and he can sing as well as playing the guitar but he prefers to stick to the instruments. 

Trace is a very interesting person and what he does with his music is amazing and can be an inspiration to others. For example, I have wanted to learn to play guitar for a very long time. The idea that Trace uses his music and ability to make lovely songs to get through his mixed feelings and emotions has inspired me to pick up a guitar and try to play. Now I’m not as good as trace but it certainly does get your mind off of things that’s for sure.

I want to thank you Trace, for letting me write this article about you and your amazing talent as well as being an inspiration to me. Music has always been what helps me through my toughest times, it’s what gets me through things that I never thought I would have gotten past, it’s been my distraction from the world for as long as I can remember. I don’t know what I would do without music and hearing about how much you love music and how it gets you through things is truly inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing.