Waverly Quiz Bowl

Nicholas Monroe, Writer

On Monday, March 28th, Waverly brought home another Quiz Bowl County Championship win. Waverly’s final win was against Piketon, in which they went flawless throughout the entire tournament until the end. The final score was 30-27, an extremely close and tense game against Piketon. Piketon won one game against Waverly in the finals, however, the tournament was a double elimination meaning Piketon would have had to win twice in a row to win against us. I don’t think that has ever happened in the history of Waverly Quiz Bowl but some of our teammates thought it was going to happen. However, in the end, we persevered and won in the finals. Big thanks to Eric Patton, Britton Kritzwiser, Greenlee Thacker, Tyler Matthes, Brodie Holderness, and Noah Marquez for attending the tournament.