Ducky Derby

Krittika Kaur

A Ducky Derby Race is a non-profit fundraising event being live-streamed on Facebook live this year. On race day, rubber ducks launch into a river and swim to the finish line to win prizes for their chosen owner.


The Derby takes place on May 14th at Crooked Creek, Waverly Ohio.


The Prizes you are eligible to win if you are the “Lucky Duck” include: $500 for 1st place, $250 for 2nd, and $100 for 3rd. 


If you are interested in the event and would like to register you can purchase a ticket from a Leo Club member. These helpful students and members can be found at Waverly City Highschool and will give you a ticket for the low cost of  $10.


Money raised through the Derby goes to multiple causes mostly centered around helping children fighting cancer or struggling with special needs.