Artist of ‘The Room’

Sarik Winans, Writer

I had talked to Emma Little, the artist of this piece. She attends Mr. Smith’s art class. I asked Emma what the assignment was for this wonderful piece and she said “ it was where they had to use a pen and draw something till the pen runs out.” I asked Emma why she had chosen to draw this door and room and she said, “it’s a more ‘older looking’ door that’s looking into someone else’s world.” She had chosen her mother to represent this drawing. For example, the fish picture stands for her children and the thread and pins written on the boxes are for her hobbies. Emma said that her mother loves sewing and making blankets and quilts. “She is very artistic” Emma said.  The tools stand for her mom, always fixing things in her house. Emma said that her mother likes living in a house where she can do projects all the time. The certificate of marriage on the wall stands for her marriage with her husband that she has been with for 21 years now. I think it was very sweet of her to make a drawing about her mom.