Artist of the Week – Clover Smith

Sarik Winans, Writer

Today I talked to Clover Smith who is a junior in digital art with Mr.Carver and If you don’t know what digital art is it’s where you make drawings on the computer or an ipad or even your phone. I asked what her assignment was for this picture and she said “The Triangle Project, we took a photo and turned it into a picture made of only triangles aside from the background”. I asked her who the person in the picture was and she said “A guy I found on the internet who has vitiligo. Which is a skin condition where you lose skin pigmentation”. The last thing I asked Clover was do you like digital art more than normal drawing on paper? She said “ I personally prefer to do physical art over digital. Mostly charcoal drawings or acrylic paintings, but I did enjoy this particular project more than some of my regular art projects. I think Clover did a really good job on the triangle picture, it’s kind of weird how you can take a picture and make it your own by making it out of shapes.