Movie Review – Ron’s Gone Wrong

Sarik Winans, Writer

Rons Gone Wrong is a 2021 movie that is a comedy/family movie. It’s about students that have b-bots which are little robots and all the kids at school make fun of Barney who is a socially awkward kid for not having one. The robots can do anything for them just like a cellphone. Barney got a robot for his birthday but his dad got it in an alley and it was broken. So his robot that he calls Ron is messed up and he tries to make Ron work but can’t figure it out. And It tries to act normal in public but Ron messes up and Barney takes him out into the woods to hide. The company doesn’t want the defective robot out in the world. I first watched this movie with my little sister because she has been wanting to watch it. I thought it was going to be another little kids movie but it was actually really good. It also is like real life, where kids who don’t have phones or name brand shoes or clothes get made fun of. Once they get to know that kid they see they are nice and want to be friends. This movie is on Disney Plus, Hulu, and HBO Max. I’d give this movie a 5 out of 5 stars