Waverly Art

Sarik Winans, writer

Today I talked to Reese Nichols about a drawing she did at school. I asked Reese if she had done this as an assignment or just for fun and she said. “ I’m using it in my AP portfolio so it counts as a school project but it wasn’t an assignment to me.” I also asked why she chose to draw this for her portfolio and she said “I thought of the idea and had never seen it done before so I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and draw it as an untraditional portrait.” I think it looks really good for being something she hasn’t done before. I asked her if this is something she wants to keep doing? She said “ I usually do more realistic drawings and portraits but I like how this one is untraditional yet still realistic so I would like to keep doing more!” and i like this more than normal art it’s fun to look at.