Student Organization Presidents: NHS 

Carly Dixon

The president of Waverly High School’s National Honor Society is Reese Nichols. An interview with Reese provided plenty of insight into her character and also plenty of advice. 

When asked about what she wants for the student body this year, Reese replied that she hopes “we all have a good year and do good things.”  In the interview, it became apparent that Reese values kindness and how we treat one another. When asked about how she achieved the presidency of the NHS, Reese responded that she believed it was through being nice to others, simply treating them with kindness. 

Reese was also asked if she would have made any drastic changes through her student career to get to the point she has gotten to, and she stated that she was pretty satisfied and didn’t think she’d change anything. 

Finally, Reese was asked if she had any parting advice for lower classmen. Her advice was to “Focus on school. There’s a lot of drama and gossip, so try not to get caught up in that!” A big thank you to Reese for partaking in the interview and for some advice!