Fry-Day: The Fast Food French Fry Review


On Friday, November 19th, senior Waverly cadence members went out into the world and tasted different types of French fries. There were eight restaurants reviewed throughout Waverly. Roosters, Arby’s (Crinkle and Curly), Dairy Queen, Fred’s, McDonalds, Diner 23, Burger King, Bob Evans, and Giovanni’s were all the restaurants reviewed in the process.

The first place reviewed was Roosters, which was the only place that we had to sit down in. The over-all enjoyment of a sit down restaurant was there but the fries definitely diminished the enjoyment that we had. Roosters came home with a disappointing first French Fry Taste, achieving a 5/10.

The second place reviewed definitely had the meats; Arby’s was the only place that required we eat two types of French Fries, crinkle and curly. The crinkle cut fries had mixed reviews but ended up coming home with a 4/10 (the only reason it’s even this high is because Britton gave them a 10/10). The curly fries, however, were a subject of controversy. The curly fries walked away with a 7.5/10 even though everyone rated them high besides Britton.

The next Michelin star restaurant reviewed was Dairy Queen. They were some of the worst fries only obtaining a 4/10.

Fred’s was next up on the list, getting a 6/10 solely for the fact that everyone got bouncy balls.

Some think that the place next up has the undisputed best fries, but according to our review, they are only just the vice president. McDonald’s obtained the second best rating of a 7/10.

We decided next to review a forgotten place in Waverly that I feel gets overlooked some of the time. Diner 23 is a great place to get breakfast but a very mid-place to get French Fries. They obtained a 6/10 on the Friday French Fry Scale.

The newly renovated home of the whopper was up next on the list. Like the Diner, their French Fries were very average. Only getting a 5/10 on the FFFS.

No one would expect that Bob Evan’s would have good fries, and you would be completely right in not assuming that. Bob Evan’s had the most soft and moist fries, which in the eyes of many, is the sign of a bad French Fry. Bob Evan’s got a optimistic 3/10.

For the final review, we sat down at Giovanni’s. Gio’s is well known for its great pizza and even better cinnamon roll pizza. To make up for the fact their French Fries weren’t the greatest we also got the said cinnamon roll pizza. The Fries only got a 3/10 but the cinnamon roll pizza swept away the competition and got a 10/10 on the FFFS (The FFFS is only reserved for French Fries but for this we can make an exception).