Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Sarik Winans

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is a traditional holiday kick off that has 8,000 marchers and two dozen floats and is held in New York every year in November. They have been having the parade for over 80 years. The parade started in 1924 and is one of the biggest parades they have. This is Macy’s 95th Thanksgiving parade, on November 25 this year. You can go in person and watch it but you have to buy tickets or you can watch it on NBC on TV and they play it live there. They also have live music and they have very popular bands and singers who sing and play there as well.

Even though this is a very popular parade and a lot of people still go to them, there have been quite a few accidents that have happened over the years. In 1997, The Cat and the Hat balloon hit a street light and the debris from it fell on the crowd and injured 4 people and 2 women got sent to the hospital, one woman was in coma for a month and after she sued Macy’s and New York and walked away with a multi- million dollar settlement. Their parades are recorded every year for people to watch them live from home so the accidents are caught on camera.

Out-of-control Cat in the Hat balloon slams into lamppost, hurts 4 at 1997                                         

They have the most trouble on very windy days and when it is raining, one time when it was raining one of the balloons had a hat and the hat acted like a bucket.  When they went around a turn the water fell on the crowd getting them soaked. They have a lot of different balloons but the most popular are the Charlie Brown balloon,  Spiderman balloon, and the Garfield balloon.

This year they are bringing new balloons and they have been voting on what ones they should do. They are talking about bringing a new baby Yoda balloon and a new Superman.