The Cadence

Teacher Trivia Crossword

1. Lived in Hawaii
2. Got a full ride to Miami for being able to throw shotput
3. Has a Pokémon card collection
4. Favorite Subject is History
5. III
6. Owns a book store
7. Met her husband on a blind date
8. Had a mullet in highschool
9. Is a world explorer; been to 29 countries
10. Ran XC for Otterbein
11. Got married recently
12. Worked at Hooters
13. Fell off a 40ft cliff
14. Married to Piketon football coach
15. Wanted to be a marine biologist in highschool
16. Libro
17. Piketon Valedictorian in high school
18. Doesn't eat broken potato chips
19. Hit a school bus on her way to school


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Teacher Trivia Crossword