Devious Licks

Emma Angle

A viral tikTok trend in which a student steals or vandalizes something that is school property is becoming a big issue!


This trend went viral in early September when a TikTok creator posted a video of themselves stealing a box of facemasks with the caption “ A month in school…. Devious Lick”   Consequently it is used as slang for basically using illegal or frowned upon methods for personal gain, in this case internet popularity.

Since then a great quantity of people on social media have posted multiple images and videos of broken chairs, toilets, stolen computers and hand sanitizer dispensers with the #deviouslickchallenge in their description.

The focus has been in school bathrooms with school officials reporting students breaking toilet seats, stealing toilet paper and writing on the mirrors. TikTok has been taking down these videos in support of stopping the trend, though it has not made much impact.

A student who was asked about their opinion said “ Its so stupid. If anyone wanted to be really upset about it you could get a felony. Not only that but you shouldn’t do it anyway, have some respect!” A Waverly teacher said “  Thankfully no one has tried to steal or vandalize anything in my classroom. We have had discussion about these “pranks” and the consequences and how it won’t result in an individual the whole student body will be implicated”

Another teacher commented “ The internet has come up with very weird and stupid trends, but this is by far the worst that has affected our school. My word of advice would be to tell the student that you shouldn’t do something that would harm yourself in the future, for example a future job. I wouldn’t want to hire someone who stole things.”

Unfortunately, students have come to the conclusion, being popular is more important than their future. The viral “devious lick” has over millions of views and more people are posting videos of themselves stealing and vandalizing school property on social media.