Waverly’s Student Run Credit Union Program

Carly Dixon

The student-run Credit Union program at Waverly High School is a program that gives students a choice to open an account and helps them save money. It is also an opportunity to learn more about how to handle money as an adult, for both the workers and consumers.

This partnership can be beneficial to every party involved. Students save money. The Credit Union gains a number of new consumers, and the school gets the opportunity to earn money through reaching goals the Credit Union offers to them. The goals may be related to the amount of money students save, or how many have opened an account. Students who work learn to interact with their peers in a professional manner and learn about managing money.

Workers are typically PAWS kids, and they are chosen by the PAWS director, Mrs. Walls. The PAWS students she chooses are chosen for their trustworthiness and ability to be outgoing and friendly. When asked about the benefits of the student-run Credit Union, Mrs. Walls stated, “It gives high school students an opportunity to save some money.” Students don’t even have to deposit much money, as it will grow in that account, allowing the account holder to accumulate more money.