Ways to Brighten Your Winter Blues

Loren Moran

Typically, after the winter holidays, people tend to feel down and easily bored. One creative way to brighten your winter blues is to binge a new series with a friend. With the lingering Covid pandemic, it has become more difficult to be around your friends and family, but with an extension on Google Chrome called Teleparty, watching things with friends and family from afar has become significantly easier to do. After downloading this extension, the viewer can simply get on Netflix, Hulu, or Disney Plus and select a show of their choice. Then they can click on the Teleparty icon, share the link via email, and watch the desired show/ movie with whomever they please. 

While watching a new show is great, another creative way to work out your winter blues is by picking up a new hobby. Whether this be cooking, painting, or working out, picking up a new hobby is a great way to find something that you can enjoy. Most of the time picking a new thing to do is hard, but once you find something you truly enjoy, it is hard to stop. Finding something that interests you can also help improve your overall mental health and help you get through potentially stressful times such as the winter blues.