Thanksgiving 2020 Fun Facts

Elijah McCain

Thanksgiving 2020 will be unlike any other Thanksgiving that we have seen in recent time. There are many surprising statistics that surround this year’s strange Thanksgiving. We may be limited to our homes, the spirit of Thanksgiving still lives on through our dinner table. With our family we can still enjoy the many great classical American dishes. 

Recent reports suggest that around 40 million turkeys have been consumed during this thanksgiving period with the American public purchasing more than 1.095 billion dollars worth of turkey!  Surprisingly 43% of people traveled during this time period despite the warnings The Health Department has given us. TripAdvisor has stated that the number is closer to 56% which is down 14% from last year obviously due to the pandemic. 

This has definitely been a Thanksgiving that strays far from the norm. With a massive decrease in turkeys purchased from this year compared to last, and travel numbers also having a massive decrease in flights and bookings. Many traditions were unable to be kept due to Covid-19, such as the Thanksgiving Day Parade. While we may not have been able to commune with our usual relatives we still enjoyed the time we had with the people that did surround us during this odd time.