Top 5 Movies You Should Watch This Holiday Season

Loren Moran

  1. A Christmas Story- A Christmas Story is a classic holiday movie that shows on TBS for twenty four hours straight every year beginning on Christmas Eve at 8 pm. This movie covers a boy named Ralphie and his many adventures in trying to convince his parents that he deserves a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. It is a great movie that your whole family is sure to enjoy.
  2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation- This comical holiday film follows Clark Griswold and his misfit family as they prepare for Christmas. Clark and family hysterically interject classic holiday catch phrases that are still popular today, and although many things go wrong, in the end the Griswolds realize that no matter what family is always by your side. 
  3. The Grinch- How can you consider yourself in the holiday season without watching Dr. Suess’ The Grinch? This iconic movie follows a fuzzy green man in his aspirations to destroy Christmas in Whoville. With a variety of different types of movies about The Grinch (animated, real life, old, & new) there is surely a movie out there for you this Christmas season. 
  4. Elf- Raised in the North Pole, Buddy is convinced that he does not fit in with all of the other elves. He travels to New York in order to find his new family only to find out that he does not fit in much in the real world either due to his upbringing. Buddy the elf’s journey to find his real dad is a comedic masterpiece and a sure watch this holiday season. 
  5. Home Alone- At the young age of eight, Kevin McCallister is accidentally left home alone while his family is on a holiday trip to Paris. Unlike most kids in this situation, Kevin does not freak out at all. In fact, he makes the most of his time alone and outsmarts some adults in the process. Although it is not solely based upon Christmas, Home Alone is an enjoyable movie for all ages during the holiday season.