2020 Election

Elijah McCain

WIth the 2020 election coming to a close it seems that there is a clear winner. After taking key battleground states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan Joe Biden will be elected 46th president of the United States of America. Even though Georgia and North Carolina have yet to count all their polls, needing only 270 electoral votes to win Joe Biden has already received 290 electoral votes.


After losing some key battleground states Joe Biden’s competitor Donald Trump has only managed to get 217 electoral college votes and will not be remaining in office for the next four years. Joe Biden managed to amass over 77 million votes while Donald Trump only managed 72.


Along with the presidential election, America is also electing key members of Congress. With two races yet to be called the Republicans currently lead the Senate 50 to 48. While the Democrats lead the house with 219 to 202. Although it is too late for the Republicans to hold a majority in the house there are still fourteen races yet to be called.