Athlete of the Week

Maggi Armstrong

This week’s Athlete of the Week nominees are Loren Moran, Michaela Rhoads, Abbie Marshall, Aaron Haynes, Amelia Wills, and Carli Knight. Voting for Athlete of the Week ends Tomorrow at Midnight. Here are the reasons we have selected these nominees.

  • Loren Moran Scored her 100th goal in Girls Soccer against West on Tuesday, September 22nd. 
  • Michaela Rhoads got her 200th steal in Girls Soccer against Northwest on Tuesday, October 13th. 
  • Abbie Marshall had a number of Assists for the Girls Volleyball team from October 12th- October 17th 
  • Aaron Haynes had 12 saves in the Boys Soccer game against Northwest on Tuesday, October 13th.
  • Amelia Willis scored her 100th goal in Girls soccer against McClain on Thursday, October 15th.
  • Carli Knight had her 1000th dig in Girls volleyball against Eastern on Thursday, October 15th.