AAU Basketball

Paige Carter

AAU is a travel basketball league that you play in after your season of high school basketball is over. A lot of colleges come look at you, and you play against very tough teams. AAU is like the next step to college level. You have to want to play ball, you have to play your heart out every single game, and you just have to want it. IF you don’t do those things, you’re never gonna make it. You’ll be sitting on the bench. I wanna play college ball, so that is why I play AAU. This year was the last year that I could’ve played AAU. We didn’t get to have a season, because of COVID 19. It hurt that I couldn’t play because it was my last season, and I’ve been playing AAU since I was in 4th grade. Since I didn’t get to play AAU my family and I have decided to go to Pennsylvania and play for 2 days in a gym. They will have cameras all around, there will be 300+ college coaches watching. I’m looking forward to it. Overall, I’m sad that AAU ended sooner than I expected, but I’m ready for new things to begin. If you’re wanting to play at the college level, you might want to look into playing AAU. There are a lot of teams you can try out for, and a lot of good coaches that will help you out a lot. AAU was the best for me, and I wish it didn’t have to end so soon. I’m glad that I got the opportunity to play, it made me a better player.