History via Cinema war poems

Mason Massie, Editor

Mr. Martin teaches History via Cinema for his 4th period class and they have recently written war poems based on World War 2 themed movies.

Home by Hope Mullins

Today is the day of my life once
again changes before my eyes. Today I get to go home, after many nights battling for this fight with myself, and what we call war, I’m not sure I can endure much more.
Looking out for miles wondering maybe if I look for enough
I could see you, but we are worlds apart.
I cannot wait to be with you.
One wrong move to many, now my combat brothers have to come to our city, please don’t give me your pity. I am truly home now with whites and golds and stories and memories that need to be told, I’m home now and I’ll see you in the house of gold.

War Poem by Emily Matthews
As I left for the war
And said my goodbyes
You stood at the door
with tears in your eyes
And even though I told you I’d be alright
I knew without a doubt
You wouldn’t sleep at night.
I know as days continue to go by,
the less and less you will cry.
One day we will meet again
whether we are alive, or dead.

War Poem by Tommi Ward

The color of the sheets
on the newborns bed
The juice in the cup
The staining his teeth
The backpack hanging on the hook
The ribbon won at the county fair
The color of his first loves hair.
The flower pinned to his shirt.
The tassel on his cap as he switched it over
the stamp on his letter of approval
the flag in the air
the medals pinned to his chest
the blood streaming
as he took his last breath