The Best Wings in Waverly

The Best Wings in Waverly

Alex Workman, Parker Riggs, Elijah Mccain


Introduced in 1964, chicken wings have been served all across America and have become a popular snack during sporting events and make a good meal for the whole family. Among the many restaurants in Waverly, there are many different wings. The most popular consist of Lloyd’s, Giovanni’s, Little Caesars, KFC, Roosters, Cardo’s, Fred’s, and Pizza Hut.


We held polls on social media and the public decided their favorite wings are from KFC, Roosters, and Giovanni’s. Here are the statistics:


  1. Roosters – 13 votes
  2. Giovanni’s – 11 votes 
  3. KFC – 9 votes
  4. Fred’s – 8 votes
  5. Cardo’s – 2 votes
  6.  Fred’s – 2
  7.  Pizza Hut – 2 votes
  8. Little Caesars – 1 vote


We decided to go and taste the top 3 most voted restaurants, see what the hype was about, and give our input.


The wings from Roosters had a great taste, but were mostly bone. There should have been a little more meat, but the sauce and taste were great.

Parker – 8

Alex – 7.5

Elijah – 8


The second stop in our wing tasting adventure was Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC really shined where roosters did not. They had a great amount of meat and were very crispy, but the taste wasn’t all too great and the wings were pretty dry.

Parker – 6

Alex – 5

Elijah – 5


The final step was Giovanni’s. We have heard about the great wings from Giovanni’s and were very surprised that it met our expectations. If you like sauce on your wings, I highly recommend going there. The meat was great, the wing wasn’t dry, and finally, we found wings that tasted amazing.

Parker – 7.5

Alex – 10

Elijah – 9


Some honorable mentions include:

Lloyd’s – Excellent service

Pizza Hut – Most Variety

Goivanni’s – Best for your buck ($0.80 per wing)