Boy’s Cross Country Team Qualifies for State for the First Time in 20 Years.


Aidan Judd, Editor

On Saturday, October 26th the Boy’s Cross Country Team competed at the regional meet at Pickerington North High School.  The team finished 7th out of 21 teams and qualified for state.  Mitch Green and Aidan Judd were all region finishing 20th and 24th.

The conditions of the race were brutal, with strong winds and rain showers adding to the already cold temperatures.  The guy’s ran with heart and endured those conditions and did something that hasn’t been done in 20 years which is qualify the whole team to the State Meet. The team went all season with no State rankings. Fighting the doubt and making their own underdog story true made all of the 5am runs and time on the road and in the gym worth it.

The Tigers will compete at the State Meet this Saturday @ 2:15