Waverly Senior becomes World Champion


Antonia Smith, Feature's Editor

In the first week of October, Bryce Tackett went to show horses in Tennessee. He participated in the 35th annual Spotted Saddle Horse Celebration. The show was put on by the SSHBEA. “I showed in a total of twelve classes, I do believe.” Bryce said. He became the 2019 Open Shod Juvenile Division World Champion, and World Grand Champion, one of the highest honors. In the two classes, he beat 12 other horses in each class. 

He also became the Juvenile Showmanship Champion, and Juvenile Invitation Champion also. He won both open shod classes, showmanship class with the same horses, Spotted Allen Patches ES, who is 18 years old. He is a twelve time World Champion and an eight time World Grand Champion. He won the reserve on What a Wolf Shadow. 

Shod is just the kind of shoe horses wear. Open shod can include absolutely any shoe, making it harder to choose a winner. Bryce also won other classes, and other awards.