Best Milkshake in Town!


Danielle Perry and Abbie Desonie

What do you think makes a good milkshake? Does an excellent milkshake to you have consistent flavor, a thick consistency, and a fair amount of whipped cream? If that sounds like a good milkshake, head to your local Arby’s. We went to Arby’s, Dairy Queen, Mcdonald’s, and Burger King to find what we thought would be the most enjoyable milkshake from a fast food restaurant. What we found has directed our choices on where to get a milkshake and where not to.

We found that the average cost of a milkshake was under $3, the four places we went to met this standard however Dairy Queens milkshake was close with a price of $2.99 without tax. The range of flavors varied a lot from these different places. To rank these places in our opinions Arby’s comes in first with Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, and Burger King in that order. We found that Arby’s had all the correct requirements as earlier stated while Dairy Queen had a great taste and consistency but did not meet our whipped cream liking and was too thick. Mcdonald’s and Burger King did not meet any of the requirements besides McDonald’s with a nice amount of whipped cream.