Art Dept. New York Spring Break

Carly Dixon

This school year, the Waverly Art Department and an organization called Educational Destinations have planned a trip to New York City. The trip is from April 1 to April 4th, which is adjacent to Waverly City Schools’ spring break. Those attending will travel by charter bus, and after arriving in NYC will visit a multitude of museums and partake in various different art experiences, as well as watch a few performances.

Day one of the trip, Saturday, April 1st, is expected to be mostly travel. Day two, however, will be filled with tours, a look at the Museum of Modern Art, and a Broadway show. Monday, April 3, will involve even more museums, such as the Museum of Natural History and another museum that has not yet been decided, as well as a performance from the Blue Man Group. Finally, on the last day in New York City, students and chaperones will go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where there will be a workshop. After this, the bus begins back to Ohio.

This trip is a very expensive one. To raise money, Mrs. Smith and students associated with the Art Department have participated in many fundraising events. These events included a painting party (which took place a little before Christmas), a showing of a Christmas movie, and the concession stand running at multiple Huntington High School athletic events, for many of which they used Waverly athletic facilities. Otherwise, when donations were given, the Art Department provided the donor with some complementary cards with original art by Waverly students to show thanks. Hopefully, this will be a good experience so that the Art Dept. can plan another New York trip someday!