ACT for Juniors and Seniors

Echo Davis

We all know the dreaded American College Test, better known as the ACT. This test has been around since 1959, and most students are offered to take it during their junior or senior year. Depending on the state, students are required to take the test to graduate. Now, why is that? The most common reason is college!

While not all colleges require it, most of them require documentation of the ACT scores for a person trying to get in since they use the ACT stores to narrow down the playfield; to help the admission decide whether or not a certain person gets into their college. Each college has its own admission processes and policies, and they use scores differently to make the final decision.


Now for the ‘fun’ part, how much does it cost to take the ACT? Well, if you take it in school, it’s free. If you don’t, it can quickly add up. It’s $63.00 to take the test with no writing and $88.00 with writing. That’s not even concluding all the fees! So, even if us juniors/seniors hate it, we’re lucky to be able to have our testing day in school.

For Waverly High School juniors, our testing day is March 14th 2023 so prepare and study! You don’t want to have to retake it after you graduate, that would be a slight waste of money since we’re offering it for free now!