Sofie Diener

Rachel Remy and Gracie Willison

This year at Waverly High School we have a new teacher, Sophie Diener. Two of our members got to interview her about her job here as well as some exciting news! Here is what she had to say.

Sophie is 24 years old. She decided to teach here because she herself roamed these hallways as a high school student. Multiple family members of Sophie’s have graduated from WHS. Diener graduated from Asbury University in Wilmore Kentucky with a degree in learning and behavioral disabilities. She currently teaches interventional algebra at the high school as well as intervention reading at the junior high. She describes her job as fun. This year as a first year teacher, she hopes to learn from her experiences and become a better teacher as the year goes on.

Something interesting about Sophie Diener that you might not know is that she is currently about to publish her first book! It is a book about poetry called “Someone, Somewhere, Maybe.” This book took her about a year to write. Her inspiration came from personal experiences as well as a little bit of imagination and creativity. When asking Diener about the process of getting her book published she stated, “I had an agent reach out to me and said she wanted to represent me, so once the book was done she sent it to some publishers, and then I had a couple different publishers bid on it. Then I choose the one who gave me the most opportunity for sales and money.” Her book is being Published in September but it is available for pre order now! Once it is published it will be available on Amazon and at your local Barnes & Noble.