Quietly Quitting Senior Year

Senioritis is a supposed illness of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance. Most people get tired of working and doing the same thing over and over again every single day with no change. This does not only happen in high schools and universities, but also in regular day jobs, like teachers, mailmen, doctors, or police officers, it could happen to anyone. This is called quietly quitting your job. Two of our writers interviewed 5 senior students on what it’s like facing the day-to-day life of being a senior. They also had the chance to interview a woman who is dealing with this same exact feeling, but through a job as an adult. The following people will remain anonymous.

Senior One wakes up around 7:20 for school in the morning. Her day is pretty boring since she says they basically do nothing in her classes. She does say that if they ever do any work she indeed learns at least a little bit. This student says that she misses 1-2 days a week. Her favorite class is English this year so far. Procrastinating is something she deals with and she believes she 100% has senioritis.

Senior Two starts her morning at 7:15. She does absolutely nothing most days so school is pretty easy. Since she does nothing all day, she comes to school more often and decides not to skip. Her favorite class this year is study hall. This student deals with procrastination while also dealing with senioritis.

Senior Three wakes up for school at 7:30 am. His day is pretty long, sometimes eventful, but mostly boring. He usually skips once a week. His favorite class this year is advanced P.E. with Mrs. Crotty. This student procrastinates a lot and definitely has senioritis.

Senior Four sets her alarm for the morning to 6:45. The beginning half of her day is easy, but she dreads the second half after lunch because she wants to go home. This senior does not skip a lot unless she needs to. Her favorite class in her senior year is art. She does in fact procrastinate but, she has not caught senioritis yet but has a feeling it is just around the corner.

Senior five decides to wake up around 7 to 7:30 am. During the school day he makes sure to get all of his tasks done, but he mostly just walks around. This particular student does not tend to skip a full day, instead, he decides to sign out early or only go for half a day. His favorite class so far this year is hanging out in library science. He definitely procrastinates and says that sometimes he does feel like he has senioritis.

A 27 year old is quietly quitting her job. She used to work extra hours all the time, but now it seems that she does the hours she has to do and then rushes home the second her shift is over. Her mindset is that if she is not getting paid a lot more for the extra hours then she should not do them at all even though she used to enjoy working overtime. Her job always stays the same and so does the pay. She is considered a person who is quietly quitting because she no longer wants to be there, she just does what’s needed and leaves unlike before.

Some students deal with senioritis while others quietly wait for it to hit them. About 78% of students catch this high school disease. Anyone can catch it whether you are a straight A student, the star of the football team, a band member, or someone that has always tried their hardest through all grade levels. It is hard not to catch, but you should try your hardest not to let it follow you throughout the rest of your life and career paths.