Welcome Mr. Callihan!

Aubrey Spray, Writer

Waverly High School is pleased to welcome to our school. Mr. Callihan currently serves as our boy’s basketball coach and is the 9th-grade American History teacher. We’ve asked him some questions about him. “How do you like Waverly so far?” Everyone in Waverly has been very welcoming to me and has helped me with my move to the Waverly School District. The administration and staff have gone out of their way to support me and I am very grateful for that. The Waverly Community has a lot of support for their school district and that is something that I have felt since I have been here. I have enjoyed being in the high school building teaching and I’m looking forward to a great rest of the year!

“Where did you teach before coming here?” “Previously I taught at Circleville Middle School in the Circleville City School District. I taught 7th-grade social studies for 6 years. I also coached basketball at various levels for 11 years and coached soccer for 6 years.”

“How is basketball going this school year?” We have been having workouts for basketball since early September. We have a young team this year with only one senior, Hudson Kelly. We have currently started practice this week and are working to improve each and every day. Our goal is to walk out of the gym each day better than when we walked in. We have focused on the little things such as playing the game of basketball with high energy and maximum effort.

“ What are your hobbies and interests?” “I spend most of my day teaching and coaching, especially during the school year. My hobbies include anything that involves sports. I also love golfing in the summer when time allows for it. I enjoy reading anything that is about sports as well!”

We are pleased to have Mr. Callihan this school year and we hope you have a wonderful rest of the school year with us here at Waverly High School Mr. Callihan!