Mr. Salyers

Serenity Smith

I interviewed Mr.Salyers, Salyers is the Geometry teacher at Waverly. A lot of the students at WHS call Mr. Salyers “Sal”.  Mr. Salyers is a very understanding teacher and helps his students as much as possible. When I interviewed him, I asked him 5 questions.


Question 1- “how long have you been teaching?” Sal has been teaching for four years.

Question 2-” do you enjoy teaching geometry?” Sal enjoys teaching geometry.

Question 3- “ why do you enjoy it?” Sal says geometry is essentially the building blocks of the universe.

Question 4- “if you could teach a different subject would you?” Although Sal enjoys teaching geometry, if he could he would teach history.

Question 5-” if you had the choice to teach somewhere else where would it be?” Sal says Waverly is his “dream job” but if given the opportunity he would teach at Harvard.

                Mr. Salyers (Sal)