Cheer Choreographers

Cheer Choreographers

Gracie Willison and Rachel Remy

On the cheer team, almost everyone has a little bit of contribution to choreographing the routines that they perform at pep rallies and halftime shows. There are three specific girls on the team that are a big part of what makes these dances look very spectacular. Seniors, Izzy Smith and Emma Hobbs, as well as junior, Delani Teeters. Here is a little bit of recognition and background for their hard work.

Delani Teeters is a junior on the varsity cheer team. Her first time choreographing was when she was twelve for her all-star team, but she started helping with choreo her sophomore year for Waverly’s cheer team. Teeters likes to choreograph the hip-hop sections of the routines, and any part that deals with a ton of formations. Delani gets her inspiration from routines that her all-star coaches have made in the past. When it comes to choreographing, depending on the dance and if she has help, it can take either all night or five seconds. After Delani is done choreographing she says, “It feels great, I love to see everything come together.”

Izzy Smith is the senior captain of the varsity team. Izzy’s first time as a choreographer was her freshman year of high school. She loves to choreograph hip-hop and soft jazz routines. Most of Smith’s inspiration comes from TikTok she has seen online. She says it usually takes her about half an hour to choreograph each part of the routine. When she is done choreographing she describes that it can be a mix of emotions, either liking it or wanting to change it.

Emma Hobbs is also one of the senior captains on the varsity cheer team. Her first time choreographing a routine was her eighth grade year, when she made up a Christmas routine for her junior high cheer squad. Emma enjoys choreographing jazz pieces the most. She describes that for inspiration she just feels the music or if she is struggling she will look up cool moves on youtube. Hobbs says, “Personally choreographing can take me hours, or if I’m feeling it, it could take half an hour but in general, it takes a lot of time.” When Emma is done choreographing she says it feels very good because it means she gets to teach it to everyone which is one of her favorite parts of the process.

All the girls believe they get enough recognition, but it’s not being recognized that matters but how good they all look as a team when the piece is finished. If you haven’t seen their latest routine, you can view it on the Waverly High School Cheerleaders’ Facebook page.