Interview with the Intermediate Newsletter Staff

Nick Monroe, Writer


A few days ago, we were interviewed by the intermediate’s team of writers and editors for their monthly newsletter. We had the chance to ask a few questions ourselves just to know a little more about them. We thought we should share the knowledge with you guys just in case you wanted to keep up with the intermediate, just as we do.

When we asked them about their newsletter, they told us that their staff is selected by the school and that they publish a new paper monthly.

One of the more charming questions was asking them what their favorite part about the job was. Most of them said that the interviewing process was their favorite part, however, one student said his favorite part was the writing process. I can relate to him more than the others.

When we asked them what stories they cover, they said that they covered school events and school sports. Most of which, we cover as well. I suppose it’s good practice for when they get here.

Overall, it was a good time to ask them questions. They were very responsive and show potential as future Waverly High School Cadence members.

Members include Zandria Fitzpatrick, Mia Portillo, Acey Gleason, Shane Turner, Kadence Wheeler, Brookeyln Jett, Harper Gillott, Jacob Long, Thad Leffler, Owen Craumer, Briella Cuellar, and Emma Hudnell.