The Positives and Negatives for WAVE

Rylin Davis

Waverly City Schools has a great system for online learning. While they would like you to be learning in school with them they have an amazing alternative. WAVE is not what you would think. There are many positives and negatives to this alternative learning system.

WAVE is a website connected through Waverly called Virtual Learning Academy. You do not get the one on one learning like you would in the school but they do provide great resources and articles that makes it easier to understand by yourself, The work takes a lot more thinking. In the work you have to make sure all you answers are saved at all times, if you go out of an assignment without saving answers or turning in all work will be lost. On the upside of that though most of the questions are multiple choice and there is a save button at the bottom of every question. When you do your assignments and turn them in the website will not say you completed it until its graded. This can be frustrating to users because even though you have done the work it will not show up. This understandable because most of the teachers are teaching in class as well as grading WAVE.

There is no set time that you have to get on and do your work it is all completely up to you when you do it so you could do nine assignments one day and two the next. You could start at nine am one day and start at noon the next. There are thirty-six weeks in a year so there are 36 assignments for each class, you can either go at the pace that they want you to go ( one assignment for each class a day) or you can get them all done in one sitting. As long as you get them done and the answers are correct you are good!

There are many positives and negatives to this alternative learning but we should all be thankful that we have the opportunity to have the option of different learning styles such as this.