Class Officers

Hayley Varney

During this week, I sat down with three class officers to ask them each a question or two.

I spoke with Frankie Fashbaugh, the freshman president. When asked what his responsibilities are, he responded that his responsibility is to, “make sure the freshmen have a voice.” Frankie said that his favorite part of being president was trying to help the freshmen and making sure they are not the “underdogs” in the high school.

I spoke with Gracie Willison, the sophomore secretary. When asked what her favorite part of being the sophomore secretary was, she said that being part of the school and having a job for her grade was her favorite.

I also spoke with Ella Robinson, the junior secretary. When asked what her responsibilities are she stated, “anything that has to do with involving the class that the office does not have time for.” When asked what her favorite part of being the junior secretary was, she said she enjoys being “involved with the class and decision-making.”

Good luck to all the new and returning class officers.