All About Our Resource Officer

Waverly High School has a new resource officer. Rachel Remy and Gracie Willison got to interview him last week. Here is the information they received.

His name is Brian Robinson but most people call him Goob. He got this nickname because his father was also named Brian so it was easier not to get them mixed up when referring to them. Goob is 28 years old and graduated from Piketon High School “Unfortunately” as he says. His wife and two sisters graduated here at Waverly.

Robinson has two young kids, one in which attends the preschool at Waverly Primary. One of the reasons he choose to work here was to be able to watch his children grow in the school system. Other reasons he choose Waverly was to have opportunities to work and interact with other students as well as being around sporting events.

Before his arrival here at Waverly, Goob was the captain at the Piketon Police Department. He went through six months of the police academy at Ohio University of Chillicothe. Here he had physical training as well as book work. Robinson went through tasks like being tazed and pepper sprayed before completing his schooling.

Robinson’s most important duty here at the highschool is to keep the students and staff safe. He also goes around and checks all the doors while interacting with the students around him. If you ever need someone to talk to, to either calm down or just to get something off your chest, you can find Goob either in his office which is located in the main office area or somewhere wandering