Halloween Horror Movies

Danielle Perry , writer

Over time there have been a lot of Halloween/Horror movies produced covering vampires, spirits and demons, haunted areas, and even witches. Some of which you might prefer to watch with at least one person so you aren’t the first to go when the main protagonist comes for you and some you don’t mind watching alone. With all things, a few of these films I believe are the best throwbacks and rewatches.

Starting with two family-friendly Halloween movies I’m sure most have at least heard of are ‘Hocus Pocus’ made in 1993 and ‘Halloween town’ made in 1998. These classic movies include many aspects and facts about Halloween and aren’t too scary making it easy to watch with any group.

Also on my list is ‘Halloween’ by John Carpenter this was Michael Myers’s first appearance in his many movies. Following this ‘Scream’ made in 1996, this movie started a popular trend of the Ghost face costume for Halloween.

It wouldn’t be fall without watching something Tim Burton Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas are on my list of favorite Halloween movies. Finally, if you haven’t watched the movie you’ve probably heard the theme song with lyrics like “If there’s something strange… Who you gonna call?”. Made in 1984 ‘Ghostbusters’ is about a group of college students who start hunting ghosts and end up saving New York. These are my favorite Halloween movies over time (not in order) below is a link to a questionnaire so you can name your favorite movies.