What Are You Reading?

Carly Dixon

Welcome to “What Are You Reading?”, the first article in a series of articles where I, Carly Dixon, approach random students of Waverly High School who are reading a book or who have a book, and I quickly interview them. The interview will typically consist of a few basic questions like: “Is your book fiction or nonfiction?” If the book is fiction, I may ask, “Do you have a favorite character? If so, can you describe them?” If the book is nonfiction, I may ask, “What is the book about? Do you have a favorite subject within the book?” and other simple questions.

The first victim is Abby Green. She is reading a fiction book called We’ll Always Have Summer. It is the last book in the trilogy The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han. She describes it as a sorta sappy romance. It involves a love triangle. In We’ll Always Have Summer, the main character, Isabel, is getting married and her mother does not approve. Upon being asked who her favorite character is, Abby said that it was the older brother, because he is outgoing and funny.

Abby is around halfway through the book and likes it so far. I asked if she recommended the book to other readers, and she said, “Yes, 100%, especially if you like cute, romantic comedies.” Big thanks to Abby for her review!