Hocus Pocus

Rylin Davis, writer

Oct 5th, 2022

Hocus Pocus

Halloween Article

The new Hocus Pocus film was released September 30th 2022 on  Disney plus or in theaters. Hocus Pocus is a 1993 Disney Halloween movie that families still watch today with their young children on Halloween. Since Hocus Pocus Two was released recently; here is a quick recap of part one before you head to the theatre. The movie begins in Salem in the 17th century, the Salem witches (Sanderson sisters) take a little girl to steal her youth (murder) and turn her brother in to an immortal cat. Before the witches were hanged they set a spell that on hallows eve, when the moon is full, a virgin will light the black flame candle and they will return once more to take another soul and live past morning again.

Skip 300 hundred years to 1993, a family that had just moved to Salem from Los Angela’s, California. The families children (Dani 11 years old) (max 15 years old) had just heard the story of the Sanderson sister. Max doesn’t believe it so when max takes Dani trick or treating they meet up with Allison (max’s love interest) and they go to the Sanderson house and max lights the blackflame candle… everything starts shaking, candles go out, then suddenly everything stops and magically the sisters are back!

The Sanderson sisters see Dani and decide they want to take her youth like the little girl 300 years ago. The cat they turned 300 years ago had stuck around, he see’s the Sanderson sisters are back and is now trying to help Dani, max, and Allison. The Sanderson sisters are determined to get Dani and her youth at all costs. They wake up a zombie to catch them (he hated the sisters also though). They put a spell on half the town so they wouldn’t believe Max or Dani about the sisters. Sunrise is coming and the Sanderson sisters are on the hunt.

Max, Dani, and Allison get salt and put Dani  into the zombie grave and pours salt in a circle around they grave (salt makes the witches not able to enter/power wont (effect the circle). Max, Allison, the zombie, and Binx (the cat) fight the Sanderson sisters off but then Dani gets out of the salt and Winnie (head sister) takes Dani and tries to put the potion in her mouth so she can suck her soul when Max grabs the potion and drinks it.  Just as Winnie grabs him and is sucking his youth, the sun rises and Winnie turns to stone.  The other 2 sisters poof into glitter, and then Winnie explodes. The cat (Thackery Binx) moved on to peace and was reunited with his little sister after 300 years. Max and Allison got together, and the spell on the parents party was let lose and they all went home.