Rotary Interact

Sophie Simonton, Writer

Rotary Interact is an organization at Waverly High School that brings juniors and seniors together to develop leadership skills and a different, more meaningful understanding of service.  Rotary Interact is run by Mr. Shepherd, the principal of Waverly High School.  Throughout the year, members of the Rotary Interact Club do multiple activities, but the main activity is our Spaghetti Dinner.  The Spaghetti Dinner is a “worthwhile event,”  as many may call it, considering the proceeds from this event helps grant scholarships for Waverly High School students.  Another well-known activity that Rotary Interact and Waverly’s Leo Club participate in is the Hunger Walk.  Earlier this week, I talked with Mr. Shepherd about his club.  When asked how he would describe his club in 3 words, he said, “Helpful, Courteous, and Friendly.”  Mr. Shepherd also informed me that we are having a Rotary Interact Club meeting on Monday at 9:30.  Mr. Shepherd also said, “Juniors and seniors are allowed to join, but have to agree to volunteer hours.”  He let me know that we are going to be participating in the same activities as the previous year, such as the Jingle Bell weekend, the Spaghetti Dinner, Hunger Walk and passing out dictionaries to the younger students at Waverly High School.