Music History

Hayley Varney, Writer

If the topic on your mind is music history then look no further. Waverly High School has decided to add a new music class this year. The band teacher Mr. Ross has been chosen to teach music history. Music history is for everyone from sophomore year to senior year no matter how much or how little you know about music.

I sat down with Mr. Ross on September 7th for an interview about the new music history class. What are the particular things learned in music history? Mr. Ross replied, “For the first few weeks we are learning about musical vocabulary and musical instruments, different musical ensembles, and other information that will develop a better appreciation for music. After that, we will discuss the different musical time periods. Starting with the middle ages and the renaissance and making our way to the 21st century.” I also asked Mr. Ross what his plans are for the rest of the year and he stated, “During the second half of the year the focus will be on American popular music starting with the music of the Civil War area and making our way to modern pop music.”

Are there any changes Mr. Ross would make to the music history class next year? Mr. Ross is uncertain at the moment, “No, music history is still a new class.” Mr. Ross wants to wait and see how the class goes throughout the year before he makes any changes for next year.

Why does Mr. Ross want to teach music history? Mr. Ross said he had two reasons for wanting to teach music history. He wanted to offer a music class here at the high school that anyone could take regardless if they had any musical experience or background. Music history was always something he liked learning about and he had a “great music history teacher in college” that made him want to one day teach the subject.