Scheduling Issues

Nick Monroe

This year has started kind of rough for many students as their schedules had issues that were not resolved until the second day leaving many students to attend classes they did not take. I have personally spoken to many students on this topic and a solid majority of them did have issues regarding their schedules.


Take, for instance, student A. Student A applied for band and when the application was successful, they were moved out of B lunch and put in A lunch with the freshmen and some sophomores. This caused the student to go down to the guidance office and get their schedule changed in order to work around B lunch. Another example is student B, who signed up for music history but was unable to take it due to conflicting schedules.


Personally, I think that the school should show which classes have which periods on the sign up paper in order to determine which classes contradict with one another so that they do not end up with first period study hall.