New Cellphone Policy

Nick Monroe

Last article I wrote started with me saying that the school year started kind of rough. Due to this, the students were quite irritated with the school for messing with the classes they signed up for. However, something else stirred the pot much more than just measly little schedule issues. This issue was the new phone policy.


The new phone policy was put into place on the very first day and returning students to the high school were enraged to say the least as they had enjoyed years past with their phones in their pockets. Now, they must put them up when they get in their respective classes.


I understand the rules and why they have to be put in place, however, if you are like me, I prefer to have my things on me at all times or I may forget them. Other times, I prefer to have my things on me because I feel uncomfortable without them. I know some may take that as “You’re just addicted to your phone!” but I feel just as uncomfortable without my phone as I do without my keys.


The goal of the phone rules are noble at heart, but the way they are being executed and how they are being presented put them in a very bad light for many students, including myself. I’m not saying that I’m fully against the rules, but I am saying that they should be tweaked slightly.