People Assisting Waverly Students

Olivia Dickens

People Assisting Waverly Students otherwise known as PAWS is an organization that is drug and alcohol-free. The club is advised by Mrs. Walls, the librarian here at Waverly High School.

Throughout the school year, PAWS members will help with Red Ribbon week, in which the students promote being drug and alcohol-free to the other schools on campus.  PAWS members also organize special events to get students involved in school and around the community. Also during the school year, PAWS is also very involved with special behavioral events in the primary school, and intermediate. PAWS is in charge of the after-prom here at Waverly High School to help continue to make sure every after-prom is drug and alcohol-free.

Every year new PAWS members are welcomed into this very exclusive organization. Each entering freshman will have to fill out an application, write an essay, and finally have an interview with graduating seniors/leaders of the organization. Yes, each current member also has to reapply but with just an application. Currently, there are over 60 members which were selected after passing all portions of the interview process.